Read more Public Sales To Begin This Saturday, by Van Holland Starting From $2,600 psf

Public Sales To Begin This Saturday, by Van Holland Starting From $2,600 psf

The inhabitants of OLA, an impending executive condo (EC) at Sengkang, are going to have the ability to get medical consultations and medication right on their doorstep.

Telehealth describes health care being delivered remotely through telecommunications technology.

“It’s fantastic for general practice services where patients may reach out to physicians liberally, but also for people who have follow-up instances for expert care. As an example, a patient who must find an orthopaedic surgeon post-surgery may perform it through teleconsultation instead of queueing in the hospital and waiting to be seen again.”

The 548-unit OLA is defined to be finished by December 2026.

HiDoc will put a kiosk at an area inside the development so that citizens may consult physicians virtually, together with the drug delivered in hours. It sports a touchscreen and webcam that will allow individuals to run video-enabled consultations.

After viewing a patient through webcam in the kiosk, the physician can go forward with a electronic prescription with an e-pharmacy.

“It’s all about bringing the joys of attention right to the patients’ houses,” added Low.

Besides that, telemedicine may also help individuals that are managing chronic ailments such as diabetic patients, since they may be monitored remotely and requested to come just when necessary.

The kiosk will be unmanned however will offer an emergency phone if a patient needs help.

But, it doesn’t replace the requirement to perform a private consultation when the situation needs. “If desired, the individual will still must go and visit a physician, while it’s to see one of our physicians at their practice or to visit their neighbourhood GP,” clarified .

Evia Real Estate manager Vincent Ong also said patients can avail the consultations at no cost, but they might need to pay for the medication and the essential delivery fees. Furthermore, the setup of lockers at the condo where the patients may collect their medication will also be considered.

“It may be a small incentive later on for buyers, but for me personally, it’s actually about needing to save a life and assist somebody (needing ) to find a physician,” said Ong.

The HiDoc telehealth kiosk is going to be shown to the general public in OLA’s series gallery on 15 February.